In our toolmaking and precision engineering branch (Penrhiwfer), we operate multiple CNC lathes, millers and profiling machines as well as carrying out MIG, TIG, and MMA welding. We also manufacture jigs and fixtures as well as machined parts

We also have a fully equipped fabrication shop situated in Trealaw where most of our Fabrication & General engineering takes place.

Below is just a small selection of some of the jobs we have completed for companies in the past;

-Precision engineered small parts for various industrial uses

-Improved upon existing line production set-ups for companies (sometimes it takes someone from outside a company to spot a more efficient method of working as an inefficient method can, after a time, become the norm)

-Improved upon components that Companies have requested we manufacture resulting in savings due to the need for fewer parts to construct their complete product

– Augers

-Product finishing ie. Milling parts/ painting/ deburring etc for various companies.

All our machines are state-of-the-art and our team are knowledgeable and experienced ensuring a high standard of product with a quick turnaround time.

Inventory (Penrhiwfer)

7 off 3-axis control CNC milling machines (with fourth axis capability)

2 off Turning Centres with 12 station turret

3 off Small 3-axis VMC machines with 8 station automatic tool changer

1 off Coordinate-measuring machine (CMM)

4 off CNC lathes

3 off conventional milling machines.              


7 varieties of saw including fully automatic

5 off conventional lathes.

1 off capstan lathe.

6 off drilling machines, including radial.

Surface grinders, plus Hardening and tempering ovens etc, for in house tool making to 1300 deg C.

1 Spark Eroder

plasma and gas cutting including profiling ability from a 1 to 1 drawing 

Inventory (Trealaw)

1 off CNC Promecam press brake.

Welding, gas, mig, tig and MMA to 400 amps. Aluminium,s/steel included

Ring roller to 50mm square box, angle, flat, tube etc.

Sheet metal Deburring machine , up to 600mm wide.

6 off fly presses.

4 off up to 60 ton hydraulic presses.

2 off Hydraulic steelworkers.

1 off Hydraulic corner notcher.


Various drilling machines, including radial.

Wet low-bake spray painting facilities. 

Plus everything you would expect to find in a general fabrication shop.